Red Valentine Heart

Recipe by
Peter Remmelzwaal




  • Square baking mould
  • Heart-shaped pastry cutters
  • Piping bags
  • Microplane
  • Tweezers

Step 1


Ingredients (Financier biscuit dough)


1. Mix the almond powder, sugar, flour and salt.
2. Bring the egg whites to room temperature and stir through the mix.
3. Melt the butter and mix with the almond dough.
4. Finally, add the Belgian white chocolate Drops and lime zest.
5. Spread the mass 2 cm thick in a closed baking tin.
6. Place the baking tin with the dough in the refrigerator and leave to rest overnight.
7. Bake the financier biscuit dough golden brown at 190° C.

Step 2


1. Use a heart-shaped cutter about 6 cm across to cut out biscuits.
2. Tip: Rotate the cutter (180 degrees) every time you cut out a biscuit. This way, you will lose the smallest amount of dough.

Step 3


Ingredients (Red raspberry chocolate)


1. Melt the Belgian white chocolate to 45°C.
2. Mix the melted chocolate with the raspberry powder and raspberry pieces.
3. Add red cocoa butter colouring to achieve desired colour.
4. Temper the chocolate at the correct temperature.

Step 4


1. Cool the heart-shaped financier biscuits before dipping.
2. Use a dipping fork to dip the biscuits into the raspberry chocolate.
Tip: use a two-pronged fork.

Step 5


1. After dipping, remove the excess of chocolate by holding against the bottom of the basin.
2. Place the hearts on a tray with baking paper.
3. Allow the chocolate to harden before further processing.

Step 6


Ingredients (White chocolate / vanilla cream)


1. Mix the gelatine with water and leave to sit.
2. Warm the cream with the vanilla pod.
3. Dissolve the gelatin in the warm cream.
4. Pass the warm mass through a fine sieve and mix with the chocolate.
5. Briefly blitz the mass using a hand blender.
6. Allow the cream to cool for at least 24 hours before using.
7. Beat the cream until aerated using a machine bowl and whisk (photo 5385).

Step 7


1. Cut off a small section of the piping bag to create a round hole.
2. Make a small cut angled upwards halfway across the hole.
3. Tip: Look up a St. Honoré piping bag to see where the cuts should be made. Of course, you can also use a small St. Honoré piping bag!
4. Apply the aerated cream along the edge of the heart (see photo 5389).

Step 8

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1. Melt Delight 29 Belgian white chocolate and colour with pink cocoa butter.
2. Temper the chocolate at the correct temperature.

Step 9

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1. Fasten a plastic sheet to the workbench with a small amount of grease.
2. Divide a strip of pink chocolate across one side of the sheet.
3. Thinly spread the chocolate over the plastic sheet.
4. Using the piping bag, apply stripes across the coated chocolate.

Step 10

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1. Use heart-shaped cutters of two different sizes to cut out the hearts.

Step 11


1. Place the cut out chocolate hearts on the pastry.

Step 12

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1. Fill the centre of the heart with fresh raspberries and red berries.
2. Tip: If you want to make the biscuits even more special, you can also first apply a layer of raspberry cremeux before adding the red fruit.
3. Spray a raspberry / rose coulis into the raspberries.
4. Decorate the pastries with rose petals, silver leaf and fresh lime zest.

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