Veliche Horecava 2019

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The Dutch launch of Veliche Gourmet and our online direct ordering service recently took place at Horecava, one of the Netherlands’s largest events for professional artisans working in the hospitality sector. Visitors enthusiastically sampled the range of premium Belgian cocoa and chocolate products at our exhibition stand… with many coming back for more!

At our stand, large numbers of visitors got to experience the Veliche Gourmet brand first hand and taste our products for themselves. Chef and confectioner Peter Remmelzwaal, supported by Piet De Vos and Chef Waldo, held a series of well-attended workshops and gave demonstrations. Horecava also saw the launch of our e-commerce platform. Dutch artisans instantly welcomed this easy way of discovering, selecting and ordering products from our Veliche Gourmet range. Thanks to this tailor-made ecommerce platform, we can serve everyone directly, from bakers and restaurant pastry chefs to chocolatiers. The first online orders were already placed using the online platform at the event!

Our top trio of chefs captivated the crowds at our stand by preparing several fantastic creations with Veliche Gourmet before their eyes. The recipes are available on our inspiration section, click here [LINK].

– A mouth-watering ‘Chocolate and citrus tartelette’, using milk and dark chocolate drops and cocoa powder.
– Poached pear, vanilla, lime and caramel served in glass, with Veliche white and milk chocolate.
– A delicious ‘Dark Chocolate Bomb’, made with Veliche Sensation 72 chocolate.

Visitors were enthusiastic about the many possibilities offered by the Veliche Gourmet products and impressed by how highly workable our chocolate is. Although a new player on the Dutch market, Veliche Gourmet was immediately well received, according to Peter. He notes that he received only positive reactions: “Visitors were very enthusiastic about the demonstrations and the fact they could get to taste everything! Many people even returned to our stand a second or a third time. This was the ideal way to introduce people to Veliche Gourmet in a fun and tasty manner.”

We had a wonderful time during these four days at Horecava, which occupied some 100,000 m2 of floor space in the Amsterdam RAI exhibition hall. We gained new insights into the latest trends and developments, and got to attend engaging interactive workshops and demonstrations by renowned chefs, along with 71,000 visitors. The entire team enjoyed meeting artisans, with whom we got to share ideas. Thanks to all the visitors that visited our stand! Want to know more about Veliche Gourmet, the brand that enables high levels of creativity for professional artisans at an affordable price? Get inspired.



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