Spicy Pumpkin Bonbon

Recipe by
Peter Remmelzwaal

Ingredients Veliche™ Gourmet:


  • Pumpkin bonbon mould CW 2376
  • Magimix food processer or blender
  • Airbrush
  • Chocolate scraper

Step 1


Airbrush the pumpkin bonbon mould with black cocoa butter specks, dark orange and brown/yellow cocoa butter colouring.

Step 2

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Heat the dark chocolate to the right temperature using the tabling method.

Step 3

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Use a piping bag to fill the bonbon mould with chocolate.
Shake the mould to prevent air bubbles.
Turn the mould around and knock the sides of the mould with the back of the scraper until you reach the desired thickness.
Use the scraper to scrape off the excess chocolate from the bonbon mould.

Step 4


Recipe for almond/pumpkin praliné

Step 5


Use the blender to finely grind the pumpkin/almond paste, salt and spices.

Step 6


Then add the hazelnut praliné and whisk the mixture with the blender until smooth.

Step 7

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Melt the milk chocolate and mix it with the cocoa butter.
Mix the chocolate with the rest of the mixture.

Step 8

 width=  width=

Temper the praliné mixture to 27°C.
Fill the bases of the pumpkins with the pumpkin praliné.

Step 9

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Recipe for pumpkin jelly

  • Yellow pectin 2 g
  • Granulated sugar (1) 12 g
  • Pumpkin puree 140 g
  • Apricot puree 30 g
  • Granulated sugar (2) 126 g
  • Citric acid 2 g
  • Ground black pepper 0.5 g

Modeling chocolate


Mix the yellow pectin with the smallest amount of granulated sugar (1).
Heat the purees and black pepper to 40°C and mix in the yellow pectin.
Leave the mixture to soak for 15 min.
Heat the puree to 70°C and add the largest amount of granulated suager (2).
Heat the jelly to 105°C.
After heating, add the citric acid straight away and pour out/cool the mixture.
Then using the blender, mix the jelly until smooth.
Use a piping bag to pipe the jelly onto the top part of the pumpkins.

Step 10

 width= width=

Level off the bonbon mould with chocolate and the scraper as shown in the photo.

Step 11

 width=  width=

Put small chocolate lids on one of the two bonbon moulds.
Seal the shapes straight away and fix in place using a clamp.

Step 12

 width=  width=

Roll out a small pellet of modelling chocolate, cut into pieces and roll into balls.
Then make small pumpkin stalks.

Step 13


Remove the pumpkins from the bonbon moulds and use chocolate to fix the stalks in place.

End result



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