Sensibility Recipe by chef François Galtier


I. Sugar Dough
II. Apple Cream
III. Soft Caramel
IV. Vanilla Mousse
V. Vanilla Chantilly
VI. Vanilla Glaze Ultra Shiny

I. Sugar dough

  • Flour 500 g
  • Icing Sugar 200 g
  • Almond Powder 70 g
  • Sea Salt 2 g
  • Butter 280 g
  • Eggs 100 g

Mix all powders with butter in cubes until sanded aspect of the powder without any pieces of butter. Add eggs and link the powders, let cooling down in the fridge. Roll to 4 mm thickness, cut discs 16 and 14 cm of diameters, and bake 160°C around 18 min.

II. Apple cream


Warm up juice and add gelatin. Mix with chocolates and butter to make a ganache. Add at the end second part of cold juice. Pour on sugar dough 16 cm in ring 16 cm and freeze.

III. Soft caramel

  • Glucose Syrup 120 g
  • Sugar 150 g
  • See Salt 1,5 g
  • Vanilla Bean 1 piece
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk 90 g
  • Fresh Cream 35% Fat 180 g
  • Butter 240 g

Make a dry caramel with glucose, sugar, and salt. When you start to have a kind of mousse on top of the caramel, stop the caramelization with condensed milk, and later with cream and vanilla. Boil again, control the evaporation, the total weight should be 480g. You can evaporate too much and had the missing water to be on right weight. Add butter in cubes and mix to make nice emulsion. Let cooling down in the fridge. Pipe a layer of caramel on frozen coulis, and freeze.

IV. Vanilla mousse


Warm up milk, gelatin mass, and vanilla pulp, and pour on chocolate to make an emulsion. At 35°C mix delicately with whipped cream.

V. Vanilla chantilly


Warm up cream, vanilla pulp, add gelatin mass and mix with white chocolate. Incorporate liquid cold fresh cream and let crystallize in fridge for few hours. Whipt the preparation when you need it.

VI. Vanilla glaze ultra shiny

  • Fresh Cream 35% Fat 99 g
  • Sugar 72 g
  • Titanium Dioxide 15 g
  • Vanilla Bean 2 pieces
  • Glucose Syrup 410 g
  • Gelatin Mass (1/5) 180 g
  • Obsession 30 Belgian white chocolate 224 g
  • Mirror Glaze Neutral 700 g

Boil cream, with sugar, vanilla pulp, and glucose, and pour on the gelatin to melt it. Add chocolate, mix well to melt all the drops of chocolate, and add the mirror glaze at the end. Blend the glaze, and use at 35/40°C.

VII. Montage

Fill one part of 18 cm mold with vanilla mousse, push frozen insert, made from sugar dough, coulis and sauce, into the mousse, and freeze. Glaze the frozen cake with glaze. Pipe a spiral of vanilla Chantilly on sugar dough disc 14 cm using a disc reader. Decorate with different sizes of white balls made of chocolate.