Peanuts Brownie

Recipe by
François Galtier


I. Chocolate Brownies
II. Soft Caramel
III. Sanded Peanuts

I. Chocolate brownies (for 1 plate 40×60 cm)


Mix slowly with whisk eggs, sugars and vanilla seeds. In same time melt chocolate, add butter then fresh cream. Pour this “ganache” into egg preparation and add flour. Spread out 3600g per plate 60x40cm, cover with roasted peanuts and bake around 12 min at 180°C.

II. Soft caramel

  • Glucose Syrup 240 g
  • Sugar 300 g
  • Sweet Condensed Milk 180 g
  • Fresh Cream 35% 360 g
  • Salt 3 g
  • Vanilla Bean 2 pc
  • Butter 480 g

Caramelize glucose with sugar. Stop the caramelization with condensed milk, then add cream, salt and vanilla seeds. Boil the preparation to evaporate some water until you get 950g. It’s easier to reduce more, scale and add the missing water to reach the good weight. Add butter and blend well. Let crystallize in the refrigerator.

III. Sanded peanuts

  • Water 30 g
  • Sugar 150 g
  • Vanilla Bean 1
  • Salt 0,5 g
  • Roasted Unsalted Peanut 400 g

Boil all ingredients except peanuts. Out of fire pour the cold roasted peanuts and mix until you get a skin of crystallized sugar all around each peanut. Pour on a plate and let cooling down.

IV. Montage

Cut rectangle of cold brownies, pipe a line of caramel and decorate with sanded peanuts.

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