Peach Pearl

Recipe by
François Galtier


I. Soft Almond Biscuit
II. Peach Cream
III. Champaign Mousse
IV. Peach Glaze
V. Sugar Dough
VI. Vanilla Chantilly

I. Soft almond biscuit

  • Almond Powder 140 g
  • Four 60 g
  • Icing Sugar 140 g
  • Egg White 95 g
  • Fresh Cream 35% 30 g
  • Egg White 280 g
  • Sugar 155 g

Mix the powders with first part of egg white and the fresh cream, to obtain homogeny preparation. In the same time, whip the other egg white with the sugar to make a meringue. Mix delicately this meringue into the first preparation. Spread out 900g per baking plate and bake 15min at 180°C. Cut disc of size 14cm.

II. Peach cream


Warm up Champaign with gelatin and pour on chocolate to make a ganache. Add the butter in cubes, and when the mixture is homogenic incorporate the cream. place the soft almond biscuit disc, pour the cream on top, and freeze.

III. Champaign mousse


Boil the Champaign with gelatin mass, pour on chocolate. At 35°C, add delicately the whipped cream.

IV. Ruby glaze


Boil cream, with sugar, and glucose, and pour on the gelatin to melt it. Add chocolate, mix well to melt all the drops of chocolate, and add the mirror glaze at the end. Blend the glaze, add color, and use at 35/40°C.

V. Sugar dough

  • Flour 250 g
  • Icing Sugar 100 g
  • Almond Powder 35 g
  • Sea Salt 1 g
  • Sheet Butter 140 g
  • Eggs 50 g

Mix all powders with butter in cubes until sanded aspect of the powder without any pieces of butter. Add eggs and link the powders, let cooling down in the fridge. Roll to 2 mm thickness, cut discs ø12cm, and bake 160°C around 15 min.

VI. Vanilla chantilly


Warm up cream, vanilla pulp, add gelatin mass and mix with white chocolate. Incorporate liquid cold fresh cream and let crystallize in fridge for few hours. Whipt the preparation when you need it.

VII. Montage

Pour one part of the cream into metallic ring size 16cm, place the frozen insert made of cream and biscuit. Fill small truffles silicon molds with the rest of the mousse. Let freeze, remove from the shape and glaze the cake and the truffles with ruby glaze. Spray some silver powder on surface of the peach glaze to get pearl effect. Place the disc of sugar dough on top of the cake with glazed truffles included. Finish the decoration with drops of vanilla Chantilly.

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