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Peter Remmelzwaal

1) Soft chocolate biscuit with peanuts
2) Baked banana with rum
3) Salted peanut crumble
4) Okapi 65 Signature Origin dark chocolate ice cream
5) Caramel sauce with vanilla
6) Caramel flame decoration + product finish

1) Soft chocolate biscuit (Sacher)

137 g Almond paste
64 g Egg yolk
46 g Whole egg
77 g Egg white
23 g Flour
15 g Cocoa powder
50 g Okapi 65 Signature Origin dark couverture chocolate
31 g Butter
77 g Sugar

1) Mix the almond paste, egg yolk and whole egg at room temperature and whisk.
2) Melt the Okapi 65 Signature Origin dak couverture chocolate and butter and when warm, mix through the paste mixture.
3) Mix and sieve the flour and cocoa powder.
4) Whisk the egg white and sugar (not airy) and mix with the other ingredients.
5) Divide into a 30X40 cm frame and sprinkle with roasted peanuts.
6) Bake at 170°C, once cooled, cut out with a round cutter measuring 7cm.

2) Baked banana with Rum

300 g Banana
80 g Muscovado sugar
30 g Rum

1) Peel the banana and cut it into 1cm slices.
2) Sprinkle the baking tray with a thin layer of muscovado sugar.
3) Divide the banana slices over the baking tray.
4) Using a spray bottle, spray the banana with the rum.
5) Then sprinkle a thin layer of muscovado sugar over the top and bake the banana until golden brown at 250°C.

3) Salted peanut crumble

30 g Flaked almonds
20 g Roasted peanuts (ground)
40 g Butter
1 g Salt
40 g Sugar
40 g Flour
1 g Lime zest

1) Mix the flaked almonds, peanuts, salt, lime zest, sugar and flour together using a food processor with a butterfly whisk.
2) Add the butter and mix it through the mixture to make a crumbly dough.
3) Push the dough through a square hole rack for nice bits of crumble.
4) Bake the crumble at 170°C. Once it has cooled down put it in an air-tight container.

4) Okapi 65 Signature Origin dark chocolate ice cream

572 g Milk
38 g Milk powder 1%
170 g Cream
50 g Butter
70 g Sugar (1)
40 g Glucose
1 g Salt
10 g Sugar (2)
2 g Emulsifier
60 g Sugar (3)
3 g Stabiliser
30 g Egg yolk
100 g Okapi 65 Signature Origin dark couverture chocolate

– Heat the milk, milk powder, cream, butter, sugar 1, salt and glucose until it boils.
– Mix sugar 2 with the emulsifier and add it to the milk mixture.
– Mix sugar 3 with the stabiliser and mix this through the egg yolk until smooth.
– Add part of the liquid to the egg yolk mixture and mix until smooth. Pasteurize the whole mixture to 84°C.
– Sieve the mixture onto the Okapi 65 Signature Origin dark couverture chocolate and leave the mixture to infuse in the fridge for 24 hours.
– Then churn the ice cream with the ice cream machine and put these in a quenelle mould.
– Freeze the quenelles and remove from the mould.

5) Caramel sauce with vanilla

40 g Sugar
13 g Water
67 g Cream
0.5 p Vanilla stick
135 g Milk
16 g Egg yolk
7 g Sugar
1 g Custard powder
20 g Obsession 30 Belgian white chocolate

1) Heat the sugar and water to make caramel.
2) Cool with warm cream (infuse the cream with the vanilla stick)
3) Add the milk and heat the mixture.
4) Mix the egg yolk, sugar and cream powder until smooth, mix with the warm milk and heat the mixture to 84°C.
5) Add the chocolate and leave to cool.

6) Caramel flame and dessert construction

200 g Sugar
60 g Glucose
85 g Water

– Heat the caramel (175°C) with glucose and pour it onto a Silpat baking mat.
– Once cooled, break the caramel into pieces and blend into tiny bits with a Magimix food processor.
– Spread out the caramel pieces on a Silpat baking mat and put it in the oven at 170°c.
– Using your hands, (sugar work gloves) pull flame shapes from the caramel once it has softened.
– Place the caramel flames in an air-tight container with silica gel granules.

– Follow the recipes and method
– Place the soft, 7-cm chocolate biscuit on a plate and squirt a caramel spiral on the biscuit.
– Place the warm, baked banana on the biscuit in a fan shape. (Possibly add a dab of chocolate cream to fix in place).
– Sprinkle some pieces of peanut crumble over the banana.
– Place the quenelle with chocolate ice cream on top of the warm banana.
– Decorate it with the caramel flame.
– When serving, pour the slightly warm caramel sauce on the plate.

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