Hazelnut Choux Recipe by chef Peter Remmelzwaal


  • Milk 180 g
  • Cream 60 g
  • Sugar (2) 36 g
  • Vanilla 1 g
  • Sugar (1) 12 g
  • Cream powder 20 g
  • Egg yolk 40 g
  • Hazelnut Praliné 65% 45 g
  1. Mix the cream powder with the smallest amount of sugar (1).
  2. Then stir the egg yolk into the cream powder until smooth and add the hazelnut praliné.
  3. In a pan, bring the milk, cream, largest amount of sugar (2) and vanilla to a boil.
  4. Mix a small amount of the hot mixture with the egg yolk mixture.
  5. Pour the mixture back into the pan and bring to a boil again. Stir well.
  6. Then pour into a bowl and cover with plastic.
  7. Put the crème pâtissière in the fridge to cool. Whisk until smooth before use.