Fundamental: Light Chocolate Mousses Technique by Veliche™ Gourmet

Fundamentals for daily use: Light Chocolate Mousses

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Veliche™ Gourmet is happy to share some basic fundamentals of bakery, pastry and confectionery with you. These fundamentals are meant to inspire you and help you work with our chocolate in a way that saves time and delivers the best possible result. This guide offers our first selection of balanced applications, based on our complete range of highly workable couverture chocolates, inclusions, cocoa products (butter, powder) and service products, such as the tasty Hazelnut Praliné 65%. As your committed partner, we provide direct access to our products, and our passionate team is always happy to support you.

Boil milk, add gelatin mass and pour on the chocolate to make a ganache. At the appropriate temperature, delicately add soft whipped cream to the ganache.

Chef’s tip
You can very easily flavour the mousse with an infusion into the milk (such as vanilla, coffee, tea or aromatic herbs). Make the infusion in pure cream, and scale again after infusion to get the quantity of cream given in the recipe.

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