Crispy Christmas Tree

Recipe by
Peter Remmelzwaal

Ingredients: Veliche™ Gourmet:


  • Baking paper + plastic sheets
  • Cutting wheel
  • Skewer
  • Flexipan mould, Ø 6 cm
  • Christmas tree template
  • Flexipan mould, Ø 4 cm

Step 1


Heat the dark chocolate to the correct tempering temperature.

Step 2

 width=  width=  width=  width=

Pour the dark chocolate onto a plastic sheet.
Using a palette knife, spread a thin layer of chocolate on the plastic sheet.
Pick up the plastic sheet and place it in a cooler spot on the work bench to then cut it.

Step 3

 width=  width=

Using the cutting wheel, cut 10 x 5 cm slices (rectangles).

Step 4


Use the skewer to cut around the edge of the template to cut out half a Christmas tree from the rectangles (from corner to corner). This creates two slices of ‘Christmas tree’ per rectangle.

Step 5


After cutting, carefully pick up the plastic sheets, hold them together tightly and put to one side.

Step 6

 width=  width=

Turn the plastic sheet over and remove it. This will enable you to easily remove the chocolate slices.

Step 7

 width=  width=

Coat the reverse side of the half Christmas trees with the chocolate.
Then stick them together straight away and place each one on a sheet of paper in the shape of a ‘V’.

Step 8

 width=  width=  width=

Fill the Ø 4 cm Flexipan mould with dark chocolate.
Remove the slices once they have crystallised.
Coat the reverse side and bottom of the half Christmas trees with the chocolate and fix them directly to the Ø 4 cm disk.
Per Christmas tree you need four sets of two half slices that you stick together in the shape of a ‘V’. Each Christmas tree consists of eight half slices in total.

Step 9


Recipe for crunchy praliné

Mix together the Crispy Crunchies, almond slivers and pieces of orange.

Step 10

 width=  width=

Add the praliné paste and stir it through the mixture.

Step 11


Stir the tempered milk chocolate through the mixture.

Step 12

 width=  width=

Divide up the praliné crunchies; 38 grams per piece per Ø 6 cm Flexipan.
Once crystallised, remove the base slices.

Step 13

 width=  width=

Add some cocoa butter to the tempered dark chocolate, so it becomes a bit more fluid.
Dip the chocolate Christmas trees into the chocolate as illustrated in the photos.

Step 14

 width=  width=

Right after dipping the chocolate trees, sprinkle the trees with nuts and dried fruit.

Step 15

 width=  width=

Stick the Christmas tree to the crispy crunchie base.
Sprinkle the trees with icing sugar for a lovely wintery effect.



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