Creating the perfect Halloween bonbon

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Ever wondered why pumpkins are associated with Halloween? Centuries ago, Irish people would carve scary faces into turnips to frighten away a wandering ghost named Jack. Irish immigrants in the U.S. continued the tradition, but using pumpkins instead to carve their ‘jack-o’-lanterns’. Halloween is originally a harvest feast – which we see reflected in many of the food traditions related to it: candy apples, pumpkin pie, and candy/caramel corn …

Halloween offers chocolate artisans many opportunities to create spooky recipes – such as this magical Spicy Pumpkin Bonbon recipe by Veliche™ Gourmet ambassador chef Peter Remmelzwaal! The Spicy Pumpkin Bonbon featuring Hazelnut Praliné 65%, pumpkin seeds and pepper-laced pumpkin jelly is explained step by step so that you can recreate it easily. Find out how to make this creepy creation here!

You ‘ll need Hazelnut Praliné, milk and dark chocolate, cocoa butter, caramelised pumpkin/almond and spices (cinnamon, cardamon, anise, pepper, nutmeg) – and a pumpkin-shaped mould! Of course, any other spooky, Halloween-related shape will also work. Airbrushing the bonbon mould with black cocoa butter specks and dark orange/brown/yellow cocoa butter colouring will provide an attractive, autumnal outer coating for your creation. Next, you heat the dark chocolate.


It’s important to get the temperature exactly right using the tempering method. The ‘tabling’ method of tempering involves pouring the melted chocolate onto a perfectly clean, dry marble slab. This helps chocolate harden to the perfect solidity, and gives it a beautiful gloss and a delicious snap. Each type of chocolate has its own tempering curve. Veliche™ Gourmet packaging lists the tempering curves for the chocolate inside. Follow this precisely, and you will get the perfect bite and shine every time. Read our three tips for chocolates with the perfect shine and texture here.

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Use a piping bag to fill the bonbon mould with chocolate – make sure to shake the mould well to prevent air bubbles. Knock the sides of the mould with the back of the scraper until you reach the desired thickness. Then, use the scraper to scrape off excess chocolate from the bonbon mould. Next, make the praline filling with caramelised pumpkin/almond, spices and salt. Whisk in Hazelnut Praliné, milk chocolate and 30 g cocoa butter. For all details, measurements and step-by-step instructions, take a look here. 

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You can find more recipes on our inspiration page, as well as tips for creating the perfect bonbon. Don’t want to miss out on new recipes? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram! And don’t forget to share your own spooky Halloween creations with us using #velichegourmet!

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