Cocoa Pod

Recipe by
François Galtier

I. Composition

– Salty Chocolate Sauce
– Dark Chocolate Mousse
– Chocolate Shell

II. Salty chocolate sauce


Warm up milk, salt and vanilla, and pour on chocolate and cocoa powder to make an emulsion. Pour in silicon mold half sphere ø4cm and freeze.

III. Dark chocolate mousse


Boil the milk, pour on chocolate. At 38°C, add delicately the whipped cream.

IV. Chocolate shell


Melt cocoa butter and chocolate. Split the base in different parts and add different colors in each base. Use at 33-35°C.

V. Montage

Fill ½ of 3D egg silicon mold with dark chocolate mousse, stick 2 half sphere of chocolate sauce to make a complete sphere and push the insert inside the mousse. Finish to fill the mold with chocolate mousse and freeze. Unmold, pic a wood stick inside the egg, and pipe some tubes of chocolate mousse around the egg shape to give the cocoa pod shape. Freeze stand up with the pic to keep the piped design. Deep into yellow chocolate shell and play with other colors to give the true color of cocoa pod. Take out the stick and fix the stem made from modeling chocolate to cover the hole.

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