Chinese Metal Rat

Recipe by
François Galtier


I. Hazelnut Biscuit
II. Praliné and Orange Creamy
III. Bloody Orange Chocolate Mousse
IV. Red Chocolate Glaze

I. Hazelnut Biscuit (for 3 rings ø16 cm)

  • Egg white 85 g
  • Sugar (1) 85 g
  • Egg 130 g
  • Egg yolk 60 g
  • Sugar (2) 190 g
  • Orange zests 5 g
  • Hazelnut powder 240 g
  • Flour 60 g
  • Salt 3 g
  • Butter 110 g

Whip egg white and gradually add the first part of sugar. In another bowl, mix egg, egg yolk, second part of sugar with zests. Add the hazelnut powder, flour, salt and melted butter only when the egg whites are ready. Mix both processes delicately and pour around 290 g per ø16 cm ring. Bake at 160°C for 25 minutes.

II. Praliné and Orange Creamy

(for 3 rings ø16 cm)

  • Orange juice 130 g
  • Gelatin mass (1/5) 33 g
  • Hazelnut praliné 65% 340 g
  • Butter 110 g
  • Blood orange juice 150 g

Heat the orange juice with the gelatin mass and pour over the praliné and butter. Mix well, add the cold blood orange juice and pour around 250 g on top of biscuit, then freeze.

III. Blood Orange Chocolate Mousse


Heat the juice with the gelatin mass and pour over the chocolate and zests.
At 36°C, incorporate the whipped cream delicately.

IV. Red Chocolate Glaze


Boil the cream, sugar, and glucose, and pour on the gelatin to melt it. Add chocolate, mix well to melt all the chocolate drops, and add the mirror glaze at the end together with the red coloring. Blend the glaze, and use at 35/40°C.

V. Montage

Fill 1/3 of a galaxy silicon mold with mousse, push the frozen insert of biscuit and creamy inside to close the mold. Freeze, unmold and glaze with red glaze. Decorate with a ribbon and a rat cut from brown modeling chocolate, colored in gold.

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