Okapi 65

Available in 2.5kg
An intense herbaceous dark chocolate, with flavours of spices & dried fruits.


Ganache • Cakes • Pastries • Desserts • Ice cream • Pralines

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Cocoa Solids

Average fat


This flavourful and versatile chocolate gives a warm feeling, especially combined with spices like cinnamon, clove and pepper. Combinations with red fruits like raspberry and black currants nicely lift up the acidity.
Peter Remmelzwaal
Owner of PR Patisserie

Flavour Details

Product details

A powerfully dynamic chocolate, starting with an intense cocoa flavour, with roasted, earthy, tobacco notes and a good clean bitterness. Moving to suggestions of black pepper, delicate orange, raisin and dried fruit flavours, it evolves beautifully into a herbal veggie finish, with a quiet farewell of honeylike sweetness. Once tasted, never forgotten.

Tempering curves

Belgian dark chocolate dots
Resealable and recyclable bag
Best before
24 months
The Cocoa Okapi Cooperative


Forastero, Trinitario Hybrids

Other Crops:

Plantain, coffee, rubber, vegetables


Tropical Rainforest - Savannah 2,000 m altitude

Fermentation & Drying Process

D.R. Congo

Box fermentation in micro-center

– Ideal for small farmers
– Enhances specific flavors


– Longer duration > extension of fermentation in lower T (no further acetate production)
– Further color development
– Increased fissuring > Balanced profiles and increased cur test
– Reduced risk for early case hardening under local circumstances


– Clean appearance
– Easier separation of husk
– Reduced acidity
– Slower speed for moisture reduction -> no risk for case hardening


Sourcing expertise and optimization of post-harvest processes

Veliche™ has identified the best beans in El Salvador and D.R. Congo and optimized the fermentation and drying processes to deliver exquisite and consistent taste profiles.


Traceable cocoa

Veliche™ offers signature origins chocolates that are made with cocoa coming from identified local cooperatives: Hacienda San José del Real de la Carrera in El Salvador and the Okapi Co-operative in D.R.Congo, to facilitate the connection between origin countries and artisans and to support the brand efforts to improve farmers’ living income


Made for Chefs

These 2 new signature origin chocolates were developed in collaboration with our Chefs’ community to ensure they will meet Chefs’ expectations.


Avoiding soya allergens & no additional flavour

This new signature origin chocolate range uses only sunflower lecithin and doesn’t contain any vanilla to ensure Chefs will enjoy pure chocolates.


New resealable and recyclable packaging

By using a zipper, the chocolates are better protected.

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