As an artisan you want the best

A treat well treated

As a chef or pastry chef, you want to know where your chocolate is sourced from – from bean to kitchen. Ever since we began, we’ve known that making a wonderful product means considering the whole production chain.

We therefore ensure that all our chocolate is 100% sustainable – so you can prepare it in full confidence. 

You want to know your product is sustainable – including where it is grown

Good for farmers and the environment

That’s why all the cocoa we use is Rainforest Alliance Certified™. This certification covers the ground the beans are grown in and the hands that planted them.

It helps farmers to naturally preserve their source the cocoa habitat while increasing productivity through better farming practices.

Our chocolate is the best, so you can produce your best

Good for artisans

Everything we do ensures the chocolate reaches you in the highest quality. That’s why we’ve produced a range of chocolate that chefs love to work with, to provide for any taste and any idea they could come up with. 

That’s why we’re so obsessed with quality.

That’s why our Belgian chocolate is produced in the most modern production facility in Europe with the highest standards of safety and consistency. 

Because your passion is our passion. Your daily work deserves our dedication.

All of this is to provide the ultimate taste experience

Good for chocolate lovers

Besides farmers and artisans, chocolate lovers have our devoted attention every step of the cocoa journey. 

In the end, they are the ones who decide when they enjoy our product. The moment they get what they yearn for is where it all comes together. 

That is why we continuously strive for recipes that surprise and stimulate the senses even more than they did yesterday. From packaging to presentation, chocolate is about the people we want to spoil. 

Everything we do is aimed at giving a moment of pleasure – so they forget everything. Erm .. what were you saying? That is what we mean.

You can see, taste and smell it

Why chefs choose our chocolate
  • Only farmers who receive a fair price can supply chocolate that looks so pure and tasty.
  • Only carefully chosen partners can deliver a product that is packed in such a stunningly beautiful way.
  • Only a chef who is enthusiastic about his product can continue to inspire his audience.
  • And only an experience created with dedication can offer such a special taste experience.

So if you’ve ever wondered what makes our chocolate so amazingly good, you know it now.