At Veliche™, we are aware that becoming successful in the artisanal chocolate business requires a fine balance of creativity, innovation, and service to delight your customer.

Our mission is to be at your side to realise that vision, encouraging your entrepreneurial spirit and helping you to expand your business with high quality sustainable cocoa and professional chocolate products to serve all your needs.

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Our high-quality cocoa and gourmet chocolate will empower you to delight your customers with chocolate products they’ll adore.

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Support your farmers

Soon available, Veliche will make it possible for you to get even closer to the origin of your chocolate. Our platform of entrepreneurial support in cocoa origin countries will create a direct connection to the farmers that produce the goods that can make your business a success. Our determination that every farmer must earn at least a living income is supported by you every time you purchase our products. But additional help for cocoa farming households is always welcome. If you wish to make a direct contribution to help empower farming families, you will be able to do so here. So stay tuned!


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