At Veliche™, we are aware that becoming successful in the professional chocolate business requires a fine balance of creativity, innovation, and service to delight your customer.

Our mission is to be at your side to realise that vision, encouraging your entrepreneurial spirit and helping you to expand your business with high quality sustainable cocoa and professional chocolate products to serve all your needs.

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Our high-quality cocoa and gourmet professional chocolate will empower you to delight your customers with chocolate products they’ll adore.


Help cocoa communities realize their full potential

At Veliche, we are committed to ensuring that every farmer in the cocoa supply chain earns at least a living income. This is supported by you every time you purchase our professional chocolate. But additional help for cocoa farming households is always welcome. That is why we are launching a new platform to support entrepreneurs in cocoa origin countries in conjunction with COOP-CA SOCABB, our partner cooperative in Côte d’Ivoire. Donations to this new program will be delivered to COOP-CA SOCABB once a year, with 100% of this money being used to directly support farmers and their communities.

Empowering tomorrow’s agri-preneurs

As well as enabling cocoa farming households to achieve a living income, Veliche’s new tailored entrepreneurial program empowers farmers and members of their households and communities to become “agri-preneurs” and manage their farms as businesses. It includes individual coaching on good agricultural practices, provides support with entrepreneurship training and effectively enables men, women and youth in the community to generate additional income streams and realize their full potential. 

The new Veliche program stimulates the profitable growing and selling of cocoa. We also know that empowering cocoa farming communities means looking beyond cocoa. It also involves supporting on- and off-farm diversification for financial, social and environmental benefits. This is why, the new program encourages the establishment of diversified, market-oriented farms, and the creation of micro-businesses. 


Entrepreneurship that goes beyond cocoa

A few examples of how we can work with cocoa farming households to diversify incomes:

  • Food crop production to generate additional income and food for the household.
  • Agroforestry projects, where cocoa is grown in conjunction with other trees. This offers farmers additional produce to sell, as well as improving climate, soil and water regulation on the farm.
  • Small livestock projects maize and tomatoes. This diversification helps increase cocoa-growing households’ income and supports overall community wellbeing that can provide additional income and nutritious food to the benefit of single or multiple households in the community (crop diversification including maize or tomatoes for example).


If you wish to make a direct contribution to help empower farming families under the tailored entrepreneurial program, you can do so here.


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